Great comparison Fiskars X25 vs X27

The uniqueness of Fiskars’s X series is not unknown to anyone. Since its establishment in 1649 in Finland, Fiskars products are performing their best in any application. Whatever criteria you prefer for selecting a product, this brand has everything to offer. Its axe models come with attractive designs and features to meet the needs of every user. If you are also a fan of the axes of this brand, then you must have used its products and experienced their performance. However, most users get confused between its X25 and X27 models.

Both the products have the same look, but they are different in weight, performance, features, comfort and efficiency. If you are not sure which axe will suit to your application, then this article can help you. Here is a thorough comparison between both the axe models. You can read this article to stop confusing between these two models. This article will let you know whether X25 is the right choice for you or X27.

Fiskars X25 axe:

Fiskars X25 is one of the most liked products in Fiskars’s X series. With a length of 28 inches, it is comfortable to hold. With this axe, you can work conveniently. The 28 inches length makes the X25 a shorter axe than X27. Because of its small length, the product is a great choice for medium and small users. This axe is capable of dealing with large and medium-sized wood. This best axe can be your choice if you need a small axe for your application.

The power to weight ratio of the X25 is perfect for the users of all ages. The unique combination of handle and blade of this product allows you to strike powerfully on the wood for splitting. As the weight and power of X25 is balanced, it can provide excellent swing speed in your application. Because of this feature, you can work effectively with this axe. The blade of this splitting axe sharpens itself when you cut wood with it. With a sharp edge, this axe can offer you many benefits.

X25 axe head has a perfect design to prevent sticking to wood during operation. Also, this head can help you in completing the work in less time using less energy. Its blade can retain the sharpness for a long time to make your every work easier. The blade is made of forged steel for durability. Also, it will not cause friction during the work, as the blade is coated.

Its shock-absorbing chamber is another unique feature of this product. Because of this feature, you won’t experience any distraction or loss of the grip during the operation. So, you will have a smooth wood splitting experience with this product.

X25 has a lightweight handle for ease of use. The straight handle offers great swing speed in your application. With this weight, you can easily handle this axe in a single hand. As the X25 is a lightweight axe, anyone can operate it conveniently. Because of its user-friendly design and shock-absorbing feature, you won’t get any injury during the operation.


  • X25 model is light in weight so easy to operate.
  • With a shorter length than X27, this model is ideal for medium and small users.
  • This product includes safety features to prevent injuries during work.


  • As it is lighter than X27, it will offer a little less power.

Fiskars X27 axe:

Fiskars X27 is another outstanding axe in its X series. This axe has a length of 36 inches. With this length, X27 is ideal for splitting a high amount of logs without any issue. This axe is the first choice of woodworkers for splitting the wood. As it has an excellent length, tall users can get benefited by this axe. The X27 axe can offer sufficient force for wood splitting. However, small users may need to put more effort to split the wood with this axe.

The handle of Fiskars X27 is made of fiber comp material for better durability. Because of the fiber comp material construction, this axe is light in weight compared to metal handle axes. So, you can handle this axe conveniently. The axe comes with a vibration-absorbing chamber to reduce the vibration during the operation. Therefore, your work won’t get interfered with the vibration caused during the strikes. The 36 inches length enables you to strike on the hardwood with sufficient force. The handle of this axe has a non-slip grip so that you can handle it in both dry and wet hand. So, with the X27 axe, you no need to worry about slipping off this axe from your hand.

The blade of the X27 model is made of hardened and forged steel. With this material construction, this axe offers high durability. The blade is coated with a protective coating to avoid friction during operation. So, this axe can split wood smoothly.

With a length of 36 inches, the X27 axe allows you to handle with both your hands effortlessly. Because of its unique design, you need to put less energy during operation. Its handle has a straight and lightweight design to provide the best performance. Its weight to power ratio provides more power to split the wood with less effort.

X27 has a long handle to ensure the proper safety during the operation. This axe can be used by small users safely. As long handle axes are safe to use, you can consider using this axe to have a safe operation.


  • Fiskars X27 model is ideal to operate safely.
  • It has a long handle so that you can split the wood effortlessly.
  • This axe has a vibration-absorbing chamber to reduce vibration during operation.


  • As the X27 model has a long handle, small users may feel hard to use this axe.


Both the X25 and X27 models offer great performance for wood splitting. Each one has unique features that you should consider while selecting. As it is hard to select one axe over another, you can make your selection according to your requirement.

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